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The PhotoTrax Program

Have you ever wanted to see where you were when you took a picture? With PhotoTrax itís easy and free! If your device has a GPS (built in or external) PhotoTrax automatically generates a Google map! Just get a free key from Google and PhotoTrax will automatically create a route map with pop-up photos (GPS-enabled phone required.)

PhotoTrax makes sharing your life easier! Running in the background, it continually monitors the pictures on your device and automatically adds new ones to a geo-tagged photo blog.

With PhotoTrax you can manage your blog images Ė rotate images, add titles and descriptions, everything you need to quickly and easily maintain your photo blog.

Click here to visit the download page where you can download a free trial.


PhotoTrax works with nearly any web hosting account! If your web site host supports FTP file transfers, you are already good to go! Hosts such as GoDaddy, Road Runner, and more work out of the box!

PhotoTrax Map

Out of the box, PhotoTrax keeps all of your photos private. Look for the 'image hidden' icon and you know the picture is not shown on the blog. If you want your photos to show up on the blog automatically, PhotoTrax can do that too!

For an example of a PhotoTrax Blog, check out http://www.Wugland.com/Oshkosh2008.html

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